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Patient Testimonials
I was full of anxiety when I learned of my need for a root canal but my experience at Dr. Blumenkranz office laid the anxiety to rest. The environment was very clean and calm. The staff were very professional and welcoming. The procedure was painless and comfortable. The only discomfort that I experienced was the fact that I held my mouth open for a while. If I had 1 suggestion to offer I'd say provide the patient with some volume on the TV so that we can enjoy the distraction. Great job team Dr. Blumenkranz!!!

This was my first root canal and to say I was having anxiety would be an understatement. Years ago a friend had a bad experience from a dentist in the metro area and I never forgot his story. That said, I was scared to death when I found out I needed a root canal! Dr Blumenkranz's front office took the time to to explain what to expect and reassured me all would be well and that I was in good hands. I was impressed just from that phone call alone! As for the good doctor himself, he was phenomenal! Great personality and demeanor. He knew how frightened I was and took the time to explain exactly what to expect. 5 stars plus one for Dr. B !


Dr. Blumenkranz has been my root canal specialist for a number of years now and my relationship with him has been exemplary. Anyone who has needed a root canal knows that you need treatment immediately usually because of intense pain. He has always been accessible and accommodating. His treatments have always been effective, both relieving pain and discomfort as well as permanently addressing the condition. There have been times when I thought I needed costly treatment I didn't and he has redirected me to less costly forms of intervention. He has a pleasant personality, is engaging and comforting about the recovery road ahead from the major surgery involved.

Staff very personally involved; they and Dr. Blumenkranz seemed very interested in me, in spite of the fact that this was my first visit. Dr. Blumenkranz careful, professional with a personal touch.He explained as the root canal process proceeded. I was immediately impressed with his knowledge and skill.

I agree with the other glowing reviews. The experience for me has been professional and positive from every aspect. In addition to Dr. B's expertise, he maintains a strong rapport with his assistants, which translates to a rewarding experience for his patients.